Out Among The Stars

CH Bleugras Bravo Bravo "Bravo"
1998 - 2011
(Ch UnWillyn Trickadekaphobia  ROM &  Ch Ricane TX Guns N Bleugras Roses)

With heavy heart we bid farewell to one more of the great Jason/Hooters '  Champions -
" out among the stars" - Owners:  Paul & Andi Owens, California
  CH Bleugras Bravo Bravo
(Ch Unwillyn Trickadekaphobia & Ch Ricane TX Guns N Bleugras Roses)
Owners-Paul & Andi Owens, Unwillyn Kennel, Lake Mathews, CA

Bravo finished at 19 months of age with 3 majors and a Best in Sweepstakes, handled expertly as always by owner Andi Owens.  Lovingly known to the "fam" as the "frequent flyer", we are very very proud of this boy and quite honored that the Owens have added Bravo to their spectacular family of canines!

Pedigree of
Pointer (German Shorthaired) Dog
CH Bleugras Bravo Bravo
Date of Birth - 06/03/1998
OFA Results
Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation
CH Unwillyn Trickadekaphobia
(OFA Good)
BIS CH Minado's Parade Drum Major
(OFA Excellent)
CH Maekenet's Flying Persuasion
(OFA Good)
CH Weinland's Mr Peepers
CH Karasyl's Rainbow Connection
CH Minado's I-M Precious Crystal CH Minado's Maekenet Mac
CH Minado's Izabo V Grief
CH Unwillyn Sweet Satisfaction
(OFA Excellent)
CH Huntabird's For All Reasons
(OFA Normal)
CH Huntabird's Sporting Chance
CH Huntabird's Born A Star
CH Wil-Lyn Twentieth Centry Fox
(OFA Good)
CH Indian Country Columbia Moon
CH Wil-lyn Prophecy
CH Ricane TX Guns N Bleugr's Roses
(OFA Good)
CH Shadydell's Texas Terror, SH
(OFA Excellent)
KS/INT/AM CH Zobel Vom Pregelufer
(OFA Good)
Ciro Vom Bichtelwald
Trixi Vom Pregelufer
Shadydell's Ringtail Tooter
(OFA Excellent)
CH Bleugras Bandy V Shadydell
CH Shadydell's Sweet Georgia Brown, CD
CH Ricane Zehn Von Shadydell
(OFA Excellent)
CH Bleugras Brandy V Shadydell
(OFA Normal)
DCH Erick Vom Enzstrand
CH Bleugras Ramblin' River Tilly
Ricane Kaffee Kuchen
(OFA Normal)
DCH Esser Duke VD Wildburg
CH Hollyhof's Dancer's Circle