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Clifford is my dog. He is a Bleugras German Shorthaired Pointer. He is 2 years old. I named him Clifford because he was the runt of the litter. Now he isn’t a runt. He’s bigger now. The first moment I saw Clifford, it was the day I fell in love with him
It all started when we went on a drive to Grandma Eve’s house.  She had a new litter of puppies. We went inside and I saw Clifford. He was a few weeks old. His litter had several puppies, including his sister Nola. He was the tiniest one. The puppies mostly slept, and they were barely able to walk. Clifford was adorable. I asked Grandma Eve what his name was, but she said he didn’t have a name.
So right then and there I decided his name would be Clifford. I put him in my lap and he was so tiny back then, he fell in the opening of my lap! Later on, we left. But we came back and visited often.
One day the puppies were out in a play-pen. I went inside and played with the puppies. There was a little tunnel toy the puppies could go through. Clifford went through a couple of times.

Clifford’s littermates used to pick on him. But Clifford didn’t care.

Clifford & his littermates eating.

Clifford is the one in between the puppy with three spots on his back and the one without any spots. In this picture, the puppies are eating dry food, not suckling. They are outside.

So, one day in the car I begged my dad if we could get Clifford.  Eventually he said yes. We brought Clifford home in a tiny box with a cloth. We put him in a baby playpen. Over the months, Clifford grew and grew and grew! He is at full size now, and he is kinda…um…naughty. He steals stuff.


Favorite things:  Towels, Paper, Food 

Loves:  Cuddling up on the couch 

Relationships:  His family, Nola, Tilly

Favorite Food:  Anything!!

There was an old dog named Tilly. She helped Clifford. She was very friendly and kind. I am sure Clifford misses her.

I hope you liked Clifford's story!

CLIFFORD:  A GOOD DOG written entirely by my beautiful and most talented 8 year old granddaughter, Lara Spanic!

"Clifford" immortalized by a Disney cartoonist

"The Rest"

Copyright Jim Gerorge 

As wonderful as all of these dogs are and the status they have achieved they are only part of the bigger picture. Here at Bleugras all of our dogs are amazing (and most have achieved champion status!). With lineage such as this, it is easy to see why Bleugras dogs are truly extraordinary German Shorthaired Pointers.

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